Aleksandar Simić & The Seraphim was first created in 2005, when it became obvious that Simić’s opus presents a unique and exciting combination of genres, creating a perfect blend of what we call contemporary classical sound and a plethora of intimate musical inputs, resulting from the composer’s inimitable personality and life experience.

The combination of piano, which the composer plays himself, with violin, clarinet, cello, voice and percussion, proved an ideal choice of instruments and specific timbres, to provide the listeners with a rich, powerful and exciting sound, utilizing a chamber setting of only 4 to 6 performers, depending on the requirements of the event.

His first Belgrade based Seraphim ensemble was presented to the audience in a form of a series of multimedia extravaganzas, set on the grand stage of the National Theatre, combining music with custom made video installations, ambitious stage and light design, choirs, dance ensembles and actors. While thousands of people have seen the show live at the theatre, millions have seen its televised version, with regular broadcasts that spanned over two years.

Later versions of Aleksandar Simić & The Seraphim were created over the years in places like New York, London, St. Petersburg, Hamburg, Lisbon, Turin or Delhi, as a result of Simić’s cooperation with some of the finest musicians in these cities. It also turned out that bringing his unique and attractive programs to different audiences, while using locally based musicians, has for a number of reasons proved more sensible and attractive for agents, promoters and festivals.

To get a more vivid picture of the actual music performed at Seraphim concerts, please refer to our sample program, or feel free to visit the photo and video gallery in the bottom of the screen.