The Seraphim - Ensemble

Aleksandar SimiŠ – piano

As pianist in the band and leader of the ensemble, it’s a true pleasure and privilege to present my colleagues:

Miloš PetroviŠ – violin

My musical alter ego and one of the pillars of the ensemble. Miloš and I have been together for nearly a decade, communicating perfectly both on and off stage. When we first met, he was twelve years old and the youngest student in the history of Belgrade University. Today, at twenty three, he is the youngest Chief of Strings and a double MA in violin. As a soloist and a leader of chamber ensembles, he has given concerts in more then 40 countries, from London’s Barbican to the UN Headquarters in Manhattan. With all the awards he has won in numerous competitions, what really distinguishes Miloš is his innate musicality and his amazingly direct and intimate contact with the audience. Performing together, we always manage to find a way of simultaneously comprising and annulling our complete musical experience, leaving the spectator to the pure sublimate of emotion.

Jelena RakiŠ – soprano

She first caught my eye performing in a duet with Nicolas Clapton, the great countertenor, famous for lending his voice to Farinelli in the legendary film of the same name. Completely different from most operatic screechers, she has up-staged not only Clapton, but all the other singers she appeared with during these few years of our friendship and collaboration. Explaining her to others, I spoke of “Sarah Brightman seen through the eyes of Vladimir Nabokov”. Truly an exceptional voice hooked to the heart and brain of a perfect musician, she has the appearance of a child that provokes undivided admiration and draws sighs from the audience. Jelena is a student of piano and singing at the Faculty of Music, Belgrade.

Vladimir UroševiŠ – clarinet

Vladimir is the most precious gift I could have gotten from a friend and a fellow colleague, the great European clarinetist Ante Grgin, a close friend and member of my piano trio. “I’ve found you a perfect stand-in for myself – younger and technically impeccable”, said Ante, presenting a man who at the very start gave more than just the freshness of youth and technical perfection to the notes we created and shared. Mastering the whole spectrum of acrobatic stunts, timbres and sonorities that are possible on the clarinet, he gives his instrument and the music he performs a deeply humane and ravishingly charming tone.  He skillfully weaves the virtuosity and experience he acquired as principal clarinetist of the World Symphony Orchestra in Michigan, the Belgrade Philharmonic and the Symphony Orchestra of the National Radio, as an ethno-musician and a teacher at the Faculty of Music, into the work he committed with our ensemble, giving it a very unique “tone”.

Dragan DjordjeviŠ - Suzuki – violoncello

Just like the two guys before him, Suzuki is a perfect musician, a reliable man and one of the youngest teachers at the Belgrade Academy. After working with practically every single cellist in Belgrade in an attempt to find just the right one, I found Suzuki: talented, precise, reliable, imaginative and tonally accurate, he draws from the cello what is not expected from that instrument, thus fitting perfectly the general description of all the band members. With his tone and the important function of a base instrument, he came with exactly what was needed to complete the ensemble. It is not by chance that so much of my opus is dedicated to the violoncello just as it is no coincidence that it’s Suzuki who plays the cello in the Seraphim.

The Seraphim are not something I could have simply made by dialing a few numbers, getting the musicians together, choosing the repertory and scheduling gigs. The Seraphim emerged from the individual desire each of us had to play with the best. It’s about friendships that grew out of subtle and careful listening and the immense joy that playing together has brought us over the years. Now is the time to share this experience with you: it’s the time of The Seraphim.

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