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…were the first musicians Lord had created. Highest in the hierarchy of the Angels. Made up of pure and inextinguishable light, it’s their mission to enlighten the others.


We are named The Seraphim because it describes both our music and our mission.

Although our primary audience is among classical connoisseurs, our concerts are often packed with "newly born" admirers of classical music, and that is exactly what we were hoping for when we created the ensemble.

The repertoire and the number of performers on stage is highly flexible and fluctuates, depending on the venue and nature of the show. The Seraphim are the invisible ones, and their number on stage can vary from 2 to 152. The core of the ensemble is represented by violin and piano, and then voice …cello and clarinet. For larger concerts, we are united with the celestial army of quartets, string orchestras, choirs, various soloists, actors and dancers. All combinations are possible. No piece resembles another, just as no two human encounters can ever be the same.

In compliance with the technical possibilities of the hall, we venture into the play of light, picture and sound. That’s why theaters are usually the optimal sites of our musical rituals.

Nevertheless our chief instruments remain Music and Love. It is these two that help us erase the boundary between stage and audience. We are slowly lifting a barrier that, after a century of division of music to classical and popular, resembles a concrete wall.
The wall that separates the new generations from classical music is just a part of the colossal fortifications that isolate human kind from the majority of the classical values. Pure love, true friendship, care and compassion, together with classical music, fell victims to the contempt that modernity have brought for everything that is not "cool" by definition.
Who is to blame? Definitely not the audience: rather, it is the artists themselves who are often less then conscious of the immense responsibility entrusted to them by the Muses.
Well … that’s what The Seraphim are doing – trying to correct that mistake. It is through performing and playing that we do what we were created for – Love.

The utmost professionalism and craftsmanship are understood to be part of this – they are the first and the smallest steps in the building of the Temple of Love, Fantasy and Play.

This is the Temple of Music …

… We are its inhabitants and its spirits


We are The Seraphim

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