The Little Town Where Time Stood Still
The Little Town Where Time Stood Still is a title I borrowed from Bohumil Hrabal...
arr: symphony orchestra a3
alt. arr: violin & piano
dur: cir. 17  min.

Tango for her
I'm not sure if this is the best piece I ever wrote...but if had opened a bank account for all the sighs...
arr: violin, bandoneon, piano & double bass
dur: cir. 4,5 min.

Belgrade Blues
I found a text of an anonymous author from the 19th century and I’ve set it to music for the a capella...
arr: a group of male or female ethno singers
alt. arr: voice & piano; violin & piano; violin, clarinet, violoncello & piano
dur: cir. 2,5 min.

Missa Solemnior
This Mass is dedicated to the victims of all human divisions and coincides in its creation ...
lyrics: Liturgical (Latin)
arr: SATB choir, soloists & piano (+concertino: violin, violoncello and double bass)
dur: cir. 35 min.

2 Morning Pieces for clarinet & piano
A bread roll, butter and jam…tea and a set of morning papers…peace…
arr: clarinet & piano
dur: cir. 2,5 min.

Daydreaming With Robert Schumann
If for a moment it may appear as if Mahler, Jarrett, Shostakovich or Nyman were giving me a hand with this particular piece of homework...
arr: cello & piano
dur: cir. 7 min.

Variations on a theme by Bela Bartok from his “Five Easy Piano Pieces” ...
arr: string orchestra; alt. arr: string quintet (str. quartet + double bass)
dur: cir. 11 min.
Oseh Shalom
I was asked to write a piece for the "Righteous among nations" ceremony, where the State of Israel and Yad Vashem give tribute to those who helped save Jewish lives during the Second World War...
arr: chazzan, male choir, violin & piano
dur: 3' 30''
I used the verses of Kaddish and El Moleh Rachamim as an inspiration to write some of the most intimate passages of my instrumental scores...
arr: chazzan & male choir
dur: cir. 5 min.
Night and Dreams
The Impressionists endowed us a fantastic gift of beholding a moment. Night & Dreams …
lyrics: Matthäus Von Collin (English)
arr: voice & piano; alt. arr: violin & piano
dur: cir. 2 min.
Nature's Love Song
...imagine a marshland, with tall grasses and mist hovering over the water...a flock of enormous swan-like white creatures descend upon this stage...
arr: a cappella SATB choir, a cappella female choir
dur: cir. 3 min.

Agnus Dei
A slow, choral movement of Archangello Corelli “spoke to me from the bush”....
lyrics: Liturgical (Latin)
arr: soprano & string quartet; alt. arr: soprano, clarinet, violin, violoncello & piano
dur: cir. 4 min

In the Caucasus there is a near obligatory toast pronounced as a prayer at the Georgian table ...
lyrics: Christina Georgina Rossetti (English)
arr. Soprano, violoncello & piano; alt. arr: soprano, violin & piano; voice & piano; solo piano; violin & piano
dur: cir. 3 min
Remembering the Tango
You all know of those love affairs that started perfectly, promised so much and were then just cut in the bud for no good reason and no proper explanation...
arr: bandoneon, violin, piano, guitar & double-bass
dur: cir. 4 min.

It's one of the very first pieces I wrote. I was fifteen and I had just learned my notes ...
lyrics: Anonymous (English)
arr: voice, violin & piano
dur: cir. 1,5 min.

Golden Slumbers
I remember trying to imagine the colors, the shades and the brushstrokes of a child's dream before I lowered the pen on an empty sheet of score paper. The words helped with the rest...
arr: soprano, violin & piano
dur: cir. 3 min.
Lullaby for Baby Jesus
I wrote Kratema, as it is the original title of the piece inspired by the tales I have heard from the monks...
lyrics: Liturgical (Church-Slavonic)
arr: byzantine cantor, SATB choir & bells
dur: cir. 7 min.

Fantasy and nature. A love story. An angelic being...
arr: string quartet
dur: cir. 11 min.

The Moments
The title is something I drew out of the musical plot, and did the same thing with the arrangement of the...
arr: clarinet, violoncello & piano
alt. arr: violin, violoncello & piano
dur:cir. 7 min.

I had the tremendous honor of fulfilling the inscription in a copy of the “Roman Triptych”...
lyrics: His Holiness Pope John Paul II (Polish)
arr. soprano, violoncello & piano; alt. arr: soprano, violin & piano
dur: cir. 2,5 min.

La Valse
A friend of mine asked me to write her a “Waltz in honour of the Danube” ...
arr: violin & piano
dur: cir 4,5 min.

3 Romances for violin & piano
…is a cycle made up of three different songs that I transcribed for violin and piano...
arr: violin & piano
dur: cir. 9 min.

Childhood Memories for piano by four hands
If I am to speak of Memories, I may want to say something about Duettino, the first in the set of five miniatures: …
arr: piano by four hands
dur: cir. 9 min.

by Richard Crashaw, was the very first song to appear before me as I opened the vast Anthology of ...
lyrics: Richard Crashaw (English)
arr: soprano, violoncello & piano; alt. arr: soprano, violin & piano; violin & piano
dur: cir. 4,5 min

The Song of Cherubs
In the Eastern Service, it is the song about Angels. I wrote down the song of Angels ...
lyrics: Liturgical (Church-Slavonic)
arr: SATB choir; alt. arr: string quartet, string orchestra
dur: cir. 4 min

Dedicated to my sweetest friends and family: two parakeets and a Pekinese. Milka, Meda and Mika – 3M...
arr: violoncello & piano
dur: cir. 4 min.

Opera - the most gargantuan of the musical genres, with the full scale libretto, sets, props, choir ...
arr: solo violoncello
dur: cir. 28 min

3 Caprices for solo violin
This set of three is a musical gift to Miloš PetroviŠ, a fantastic violinist ...
arr: solo violin
dur: cir. 7 min.

Virgin Mary, rejoice
She that “…gave birth to our souls' Salvation” is yet just a mother, just as He is just a man. Imitatio Christi ...
lyrics: Liturgical (Church-Slavonic)
arr: voice & SATB choir
dur: cir. 3,5 min.

Albany Court
Lord Byron and I were born on the same date -  the 22nd of January ...
arr: clarinet, violoncello & piano; alt. arr: violin, violoncello & piano
dur: cir. 11,5 min.

For many months I was listening to the recordings of the famous French violinist Christian Ferras ...
arr: violin & piano
dur: cir. 7 min.

The Seagull
The very first page of this Chekhov play reads: “A Comedy in 4 Acts” ...
arr: solo piano
dur: cir. 11 min.

Polonaise Oginsky
Kutuzovsky Prospekt 122a, Moscow. …forgotten childhood…a door to an empty room…
arr: violin, violoncello & piano
dur: cir. 15 min.

Allegro Appassionato
I wrote it immediately after “The Moments” so that the guys and I would have more to play ...
arr: clarinet, violoncello & piano; alt. arr: violin, violoncello & piano
dur:cir. 6,5  min.

Prayer of Deliverance from Our Evil Enemies
In September 2000 Serbia faced elections that many felt would be rigged and almost certainly cement ...
lyrics: Liturgical (Church-Slavonic)
arr: voice & male choir

dur: cir. 5,5 min.

A Little Mass
“The Little Mass” was conceived as an introduction to the Holy Mass; a beginning of the gathering ...
lyrics: Liturgical (Multilingual)
arr: soprano, baritone, SATB choir & church organ (or piano)
dur: cir. 4,5 min.

Des Regards
The very first royalties I ever collected came from this piece ...
arr: harp solo
dur: cir. 4,5  min.

Lullaby for soprano and string quartet
Peace. Nursery. Slowly, out of the distance, a storm approaches ...
lyrics: Anonymous (Russian)
arr: soprano & string quartet
dur: cir. 4 min.

I did this as a demo for “Buenavista Pictures”. There are a lot of “Disney-esque” qualities ...
lyrics: Thomas Lovell Beddoes (English)
arr: voice & piano; alt. arr: violin & piano; clarinet & piano; solo piano
dur: cir. 3 min.

This song was created during the civil war of 1992. Walt Whitman experienced the war himself ...
Lyrics: Walt Whitman (English)
arr: voice & piano; alt. arr: violin & piano
dur: cir. 4 min.

Landscape and a Crescent Moon
Lorka’s pastoral scenes. An Andalusian Haiku ...
lyrics: Federico Gacia Lorca (Serbian)
arr: soprano & piano
dur: cir. 3 min.

The Fall
I once performed it in the house of Akhmatova. Somehow I wish it was in the garden ...
lyrics: Ana Akhmatova (Russian)
arr: soprano & piano
dur: cir. 1,5 min.

I remember being asked: “Where is this famous Russian soul?!” “In eternal chains”, I replied ...
lyrics: Anonymous (Russian)
arr: soprano & piano
dur: cir. 2,5 min.

Please Forgive Me
One of the few survivors from the cycle dedicated to Jesenin. Gazing at my favorite picture from Olja’s set ...
lyrics: Sergei Jesenin (Russian)
arr: soprano & piano
dur: cir. 2 min.

So Let Us Love
Spenser’s Sonnets served as the inspiration to Shakespeare, just like Field’s Nocturnes did to the ...
lyrics: Edmund Spenser (English)
arr: soprano, mezzo-soprano  & piano alt. arr: a female or children choir & piano (or strings)
dur: cir. 2,5 min.

I’m not sure… Maybe it’s the Satie miniatures …a fascinating piece that comes right after the sun ...
arr: solo piano

dur: cir. 3 min.

Salva Me
It is a cry for help.
It tells a story of the global fall and the final salvation of the few.
 arr: SATB choir & organ
dur: cir. 4 min.

In Memoriam
I can hear the question quivering in the air...
Who is it for? ...
arr: string orchestra
dur: cir. 5 min
Dresden Quartet
I was on my way to a rehearsal at the Carl Maria Von Weber Academy, when the music started playing in my head. Before I reached Wettiner Platz, all the themes and musical materials were in place...
arr: string quartet
dur: cir. 7 min.
Heart of the Universe
Official Anthem of the 25th Universiade
In the couple of months before and after the games it's been played around one billion times...
arr: 4 soloists, SATB choir, string quintet, saxophone, piano, electric bass & drums
dur: cir. 3 min.