Oseh Shalom

I was asked to write a piece for the "Righteous among nations" ceremony, where the State of Israel and Yad Vashem give tribute to those who helped save Jewish lives during the Second World War, usually putting at risk their own. I've been to many of these ceremonies over the years, watching these simple, selfless, genuine heroes, receive recognition after so many decades. It never fails, at least partially, to restore my faith in Humanity. Each time we remind ourselves of  the Talmudic wisdom that "saving one life is like saving the whole world" I feel a little bit saved myself.
As for why I chose to write Oseh Shalom for this occasion, I guess it's simple. After so much evil and bloodshed, what else can we pray for but peace.

arr: chazzan, male choir, violin & piano
dur: 3' 30''