Nature's Love Song

Originally, this piece was commissioned for one of Serbia's most famous ensembles - The Collegium Musicum. Collegium consists of some 50+ girls, with the average age of 20. It's an all female school choir of Belgrade's Faculty of Music, founded and directed by Mme Darinka Matic Marovic, a national classical music superstar and an old friend. Being asked to write, and I quote "whatever I feel like writing" for the ensemble, I unleashed the pictures in my head:
...imagine a marshland, with tall grasses and mist hovering over the water...a flock of enormous swan-like white creatures descend upon this stage...turn into maidens, dressed in long white linen gowns...sing their song...turn back to birds...and fly away...
With this in my mind, I sat myself looking for the right poem...and I found Joyce

lyrics: J. Joyce (Chamber Music)
arr: a cappella SATB choir, a cappella female choir
dur: cir. 3 min.