Daydreaming With Robert Schumann

A sound excuse of a kleptomaniac composer

If for a moment it may appear as if Mahler, Jarrett, Shostakovich or Nyman were giving me a hand with this particular piece of homework, please, bare in mind there’s a perfectly good explanation.
You see, as I hosted Mr. Schumann, for the few weeks it took me to finish the piece, Gustav appeared at the door and asked for a cup of sugar and two eggs… It did seem kind of funny at the moment, but I chose to ignore it… It was really when Keith Jarrett dropped by in the middle of a very serious conversation Mr. Schumann and I had and asked if he can join us for tee, when I realized something was wrong. …all right, I said. Hosting a man and a musical celebrity such as Robert Schumann, you can not but hope for unexpected visitors, and especially fellow admirers of his work.
Shostakovich came in just in time for lunch and decided to stay until the end of a whole variation, but unexpectedly left at the first sounds of a Cadenza…Michael later told us Dmitry had this thing about the “misuse of a solo instrument”, as he called it…
At nights, Schumann read us the excerpts from Clara’s diary, “Life by Four Hands”, and we all wondered off in sweet reveries of our loved ones…
The music lying before you is a small memento of those few weeks we’ve all spent at the mansion….dreaming

arr: cello & piano
alt. arr: violin & piano, viola & piano
dur: cir. 7 min.