Stabat Mater

Ave Maria


Signum Magnum

Missa Solemnior

  • Language – Latin

  • Duration – 30 min.

  • Individual movements ( Introitus / Kyrie / Quid Fecisti / Gloria / Credo / Stabat Mater / Ave Maria / Alleluia / Sanctus / Psalmus XXIII / Agnus Dei / Signum Magnum )

  • Orchestration (There are two versions of the Mass.

Originally, Missa Solemnior was scored for choir, soloists and organ (or piano), and used as a musical accompaniment to the Holy Mass.

Later on, the organ part was orchestrated with the idea of presenting the Mass to the concert audience in a powerful setting for choir, soloists and symphony orchestra)

- The Mass is dedicated to the victims of all human divisions and coincides in its creation with the two important dates in the history of Christianity: 950 years of the east-west split and 40 years since Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras of Constantinople mutually revoked the anathemas, marking the beginning of the period of reconciliation.

- It also coincides with the historical moment in which unity presents an essential precondition for the survival of our Civilization.

- It is a Latin Mass, but genuinely oecumenical and universal in its desire to reach out to people of all denominations and cultures and tell the story of the ultimate victory of life over death.

- Complete music of the Mass is aimed principally at interpreting and stressing out the key points of the ancient liturgical text, shedding the new light on the words of Ordinarium that people sometimes take for granted, and for the first time incorporating new and so necessary texts of the Proprium:

  • Quid fecisti ( … Vox sanguinis fratris tui clamat ad me de terra; Quid fecisti! ), with God crying out against the outrage of brother killing a brother,
  • Jehova Pastor meus est, reminding us of the fragileness of the human entity and our own mortality, and finally  
  • Signum Magnum, showing us the way to New Jerusalem, echoing the words of St. John: The choice is yours

lyrics: Liturgical (Latin)
arr: SATB choir, soloists & a2 symphony orchestra
alt. arr: SATB choir, soloists & organ
             SATB choir, soloists & piano (+concertino: violin, violoncello and double bass)
dur: cir. 30 min.