A Little Mass

“The Little Mass” was conceived as an introduction to the Holy Mass; a beginning of the gathering and mutual prayer for all of us. Written on the text of the Psalm from the Book of Jeremiah, which in it’s authenticity and directness reminds one of the “Nativity scenes” usually staged around Christmas. Children dress up as the characters of the Holy Family, the Three Kings, Herod, and always as the barn animals. This “little mass” is an attempt at creating a musical version of such a concept, with the desire to provoke the child within us and the pure childlike faith uncorrupted by suspicion that years usually bring. How easier it was back then to speak out to the Lord, and how much more often have we heard Him talking back to us. Just as the Lamb is one of the Lord's representations, so is the music most probably the strongest voice and the prime emanation of the Metatron (???????).
  As the Holy Father has said: “Open thy doors to the Christ! Do not be afraid”, let us add: “Open thy hearts! Hear Ye!”

*A Little Mass  was written to honor the 25th anniversary of the Papacy of His Holiness John Paul II. It was conceived as the Introitus to the Solemn Mass, and this recording features the Serbian version of the text. It was recorded during the official commemorative service in which Belgrade paid tribute to John Paul II, at a ceremony celebrated by eight Archbishops.

lyrics: Liturgical (Multilingual)
arr: soprano, baritone, SATB choir & church organ (or piano)
dur: cir. 4,5 min.