A Patch of Light

Happy Birthday
Childhood Memories for piano by four hands

If I am to speak of Memories, I may want to say something about Duettino, the first in the set of five miniatures: …it is somewhat different from a typical piece for piano by 4 hands; instead of both musicians beginning to play simultaneously, it is the Secondo who initiates by taking out his theme, and only then the Primo comes in with a totally different melody. He and She.
…He accidentally bumped into her somewhere between their acts, handing over the keys, and from that moment on he couldn't get her out of his head…and then, because it was “meant to be” they caught sight of each other again: Different, perfectly independent, with a bit of a grudge towards the rest of the world and very lonely. …It's great to have two more hands at the keyboard. 
arr: piano by four hands
dur: cir. 9 min.