Lullaby for Baby Jesus

I wrote Kratema, as it is the original title of the piece inspired by the tales I have heard from the monks of the Holy Mount Athos in Greece. Accordingly, Kratemas were the Lullabies sung by Virgin Mary, as she was putting her boy to sleep, rocking him in the cradle. I reached out for the Biblical text, testifying of the birth of Christ and created a small Oratorio. I composed the Lullaby as an intimate prayer, during the air raids over Belgrade in 1999. Unintentionally, I wrote this music on the eve of a new millennium. The jubilee reminded us of the time gone by since the Star had risen over Bethlehem. In the past few years, The Lullaby has shone like a star in some of the most incredible places, spreading the Gospel of music, love and understanding.   …He does indeed work in mysterious ways…

lyrics: Liturgical (Church-Slavonic)
arr: byzantine cantor, SATB choir & bells
dur: cir. 7 min.